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Glee introduces trans* character (SPOILERS)


Last night’s episode of Glee introduced The Glee Project’s Alex Newell as Wade/Unique, the first transgender character to appear on the show.

Wade approaches the group asking to perform onstage wearing a dress as the “alter ego” of Unique. Though it’s not made perfectly clear whether Wade/Unique is trans* or in drag, this summary from PopCrush seems to provide a pretty sound argument that Wade is trans*:

But even Kurt, it seems, has a lot to learn. When Kurt advises Wade not to become Unique on stage, it is evident that he doesn’t understand what trans people go through. “You identify as a man,” Wade tells him, and when Unique takes the stage, it’s obvious that this is who Wade is. Unique is the true identity, and Wade is the fiction. Unique, of course, brings the house down with her moves.

What did you think of Wade/Unique?

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    Hmm, interesting. It’s nice to see trans people in mainstream media at all.
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    I hate this show, but I totally called it.
  5. timeywimey27 answered: I’ve been waiting for Glee to introduce a trans* character and I really enjoyed this. :-)
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    I thought glee was getting worst and going nowhere and than they throw a curve ball like this. I thought it was...
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    Though Glee may not be the best show on television, it is certainly progressive and tries very hard to be inclusive. I...
  9. howaboutalollipop answered: I like Unique, but I think RIB didnt do it right. There is so much more depth to that storyline, I hope they dig into more„ but unlikely.
  10. samuelpunch answered: Honestly I’m so happy about her. But I’m really scared that Glee will fuck it up when this is a chance to educate kids in my age bracket.
  11. thecellofellow reblogged this from gaywrites and added:
    I was sooooooo happy about this.
  12. justaquickquestion answered: This is for real; so glad Alex finally gets his shows! I like when kurt has to learn, though; this way, other people have to do the same.
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    Sounds like failure.
  14. myfriendsn33dtobepunished answered: I loved Unique. I almost cried when she started singing on stage <3 it was beautiful ! :)
  15. kaidenbear answered: I freaking loved it! :D
  16. carissalovve answered: Loove it.
  17. legally-bitchtastic answered: It always seems like a step back and forward with Glee. The first transgender character, but the lesbians can’t kiss A Very Special Episode
  18. toriandkat answered: I loved Uniques performance. She was proud, and beautiful
  19. gaychristian answered: Does it help top put *SPOILERS* at the very end of the sentence?
  20. captainimprobable reblogged this from trubluperson and added:
    I’m excited.
  21. withthefacinorous answered: okay, so they realised they’re being criticised for transphobia and now they want to buy themselves into more audience?
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  25. genderkale said: I like how Kurt didn’t exactly get it at first. It makes a good point. I’ve heard a lot of ignorant comments about trans* people from straight and gay friends alike. Even the LGB part of LGBT needs to become more educated about the T sometimes.
  26. trubluperson reblogged this from furry-furrets and added:
    i’m mixed on feels. half is ‘yay! finally a trans person on something so many people watch! maybe unique will give off...
  27. perfect-porcelain-disaster answered: Oh, how I love Unique and Wade. It was awesome.
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  29. deliverance90 answered: I loved seeing her on the show! I was one of the most awesome glee moments ever.
  30. masteralchemyst reblogged this from gaywrites and added:
    I love this and it showed that even us in the LGBTQ community have a lot to learn about each other.
  31. moonfrost84 answered: I love Unique. She was awesome!
  32. haileymarie101 answered: He worked it! And has a voice of a goddess. He was fantastic on the show and I’m so glad to see this kind of thing on Glee.
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