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Close to 85 percent of teens charged with adult crimes in the region are black, according to an snapshot of recent data from local jails in Baltimore and its surrounding counties. Every one of the 45 juveniles housed at the Baltimore City Detention Center on a recent day was an African-American. But blacks only account for 63.7 percent of the city’s population, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Camilla Roberson, an attorney with the Public Justice Center, said overrepresentation of minorities in the criminal justice system is a long-standing issue. But finding a starting point to address the matter faces one major barrier: The state doesn’t track such data.

Black juveniles account for 85 percent of teens charged as adults in Balto. region - (via biyuti)



Never saw that coming.

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Jon Stewart, sounding more and more like a politician at the Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium with Bill O’Reilly.

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omg what if jon stewart ran for something guys

he would so win

and it would be awesome

he would have my vote.

Amalgam's Pot: blackraincloud: Wow. Sitting here at a coney island listening to my...


Wow. Sitting here at a coney island listening to my parents read the newspaper…

This country really does everything to enable white male violence.

The Aurora terrorist was rejected by a lot of schools, but one of them (University of Michigan) not only rejected him, but…


Rights Group Challenges NYPD’s Stop And Frisk Method, Claims Racial Bias

Police in New York City disproportionately stop black and Latino people even in low-crime areas, leading to a “two-tiered” policing system that divides along racial lines, according to civil rights campaigners.

A new analysis of NYPD figures by the New York Civil Liberties Union challenges the police’s assertion racial disparities in stop-and-frisks reflect the geography of New York’s high-crime areas.

Using the department’s figures, the report revealed that in six out of the 10 precincts with the lowest numbers of black and Latino people in the city, black and Latino citizens represented over 70% of those stopped (92% in April-June 2011).

In all, there were more stops of young African American men than the total of population of that group in the city. Nine out of ten of them had committed no crime.


Activate the Mechanism!: NYPD officers caught on tape brutally beating black 19y/o. Cops claimed teen had marijuana, a bag containing crack...


In January, four NYPD officers were caught on tape brutally beating 19-year-old Jateik Reed in the Bronx. The officers claimed they stopped Reed after seeing him hold marijuana and a bag containing crack residue, and that Reed struck police first. Now, surveillance video obtained by New York…

Not being racist is not some default starting position. You don’t simply get to say you’re not a racist; not being racist — or a sexist or a homophobe — is a constant, arduous process of unlearning, of being uncomfortable, of eating crow and being humbled and re-evaluating. It’s probably hard to start that process if you’ve been told that every thought you have is golden and should be given voice, and that people who are offended by what you say are hypersensitive simpletons.


Yes yes yes a thousand times yes.  Seriously.

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Bless this quote.

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Friendly reminder for bitches to check their privilege. <3

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